Setting the standard with fast, reliable connections. The need to connect high value assets with low-latency, high bandwidth, high availability communications has never been greater. Relying on microwave and satellite technology simply no longer satisfies the exploration and production requirements of offshore operators, especially as operations move further from shore and into deeper waters.

Delivering business benefits to the oil and gas industry. Radius Oceanic Communications, Inc. builds and operates subsea fiber networks that help operators:
Efficiency Icon

Increase efficiency of offshore operations and reduce downtime

  • Connection between land and offshore personnel to accelerate and improve decision making
  • Availability of specialized land-based personnel across multiple operations or regions
  • Realtime visibility and oversight to manage exploration and drilling assets
Safety/Security Icon

Increase operational safety and security

  • Video or sensor monitoring of all key operations
  • Video conferencing capabilities for a variety of needs including safety training and telemedicine
  • Fewer transit trips required between shore and assets
Environmental Safety Icon

Increase environmental safety and control

  • Meteorological and oceanographic monitoring for spill response planning and operations
  • Greater visibility and control of seafloor and downhole
Well Being Icon

Increase employee well-being and retention

  • High-speed internet access for personnel that doesn’t compete with business operations
  • Video calling and chat capabilities for connection with family and friends
  • Online entertainment and gaming to improve offshore quality of life