The Radius team specializes in building and operating subsea fiber optic cable networks to connect offshore assets. We have a strong and expanding team that meets the planning, implementation and operations needs of our customers. Radius has strategic relations with key regional partners that expand our capabilities and allow us to offer end-to-end global telecom services and metocean monitoring capabilities.

In addition to our dedicated Radius network team, Radius has access to over 150 subsea resources through our corporate parent relations with Ocean Specialists, Inc. and Continental Shelf Associates, Inc. These groups provide network development and marine services globally from a number of regional and project offices.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Setting the standard for offshore communications. Radius strives to define and meet industry and customer needs for safe, reliable, high-speed connectivity to offshore oil and gas platforms using subsea fiber optic cables.

We are driven by:

  • Discovery and innovation to enhance and grow fiber connections for the offshore oil and gas industry
  • Safety and security to protect the well-being of offshore workers and our team members
  • Environmental responsibility to protect the resources that fuel our industry

Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Practices

Radius is committed to managing the issues of HSSE as an integral part of our business practices and service delivery. Radius maintains a continuous HSSE management program with the following governing principles:

  • Prevention through employing practices, technology, and systems designed to prevent activities and/or conditions that pose risks to human health, safety, and security or that of the environment
  • Compliance with all applicable laws, standards, and regulations and the implementation of procedures and programs to ensure compliance across all company activities
  • Communication to continuously share our HSSE standards to our employees, vendors, and customers and incorporate verifiable HSSE standards into our vendor selection process
  • Continuous improvement to evolve our standards, compliance, and oversight in all matters related to HSSE.

Contact Radius

To learn more about Radius Oceanic Communications, Inc., please contact:

Jami deLorimier – VP of Network Development