Delivering network connections and telecom services globally. Radius has the wide scope of capabilities required to engineer and build offshore connections and to facilitate the telecom services that align with the needs of our customers:

Lease block telecom architecture

Early planning and engineering is key to successful future-proofed offshore networks. Radius’ submarine network engineering team works with operators to ensure all field assets are considered at each phase of field development, realizing:

  • Redundancy for priority assets and key business functions
  • Capital cost sharing across connections
  • Operations and maintenance efficiencies
  • Potential to connect additional marine services and vendors

High value asset connections

Connecting existing and planned deep water assets to a fiber network is not a routine network task. Radius, and our parent company OSI, together have connected more high value assets and engineered more multi-platform network telecom architectures than any other service provider. Our geographic reach delivering oil and gas networks spans Europe, Southeast Asia and the Americas.

Subsea network planning and execution

Delivering a subsea network might involve multiple operators, can involve multiple technology vendors and usually involves multiple network suppliers. Radius, working with OSI, can execute full life cycle development of subsea fiber optic telecom networks managing the needs, products and skills of each of the parties. To learn more about our project development process, visit

Network management and operations

Radius' dedicated team of marine and network engineers have the capabilities to monitor every element of subsea networks 24x7.

In addition, Radius has entered into regional third party maintenance and depot agreements so that breaks on subsea telecom networks can be resolved in the shortest time possible. We know that our customers prefer to focus on their primary business, and not day-to-day network operations.

Expanding to meet growing needs

The Radius telecom service model is applicable to many of the developing offshore industries around the world. We offer seamless service capabilities in other regions where our plan, build, operate model benefits oil and gas operators. For more information, contact us.

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