Designed to serve Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean region. Poseidon is a purpose built subsea cable system bordering the Cypriot EEZ and enveloping the offshore oil and gas lease blocks established for development by the Republic of Cyprus. Poseidon enables high bandwidth and secure broadband services for regional operators of high value assets.

Network Highlights

  • Redundant, full wavelength connections to any of the 13 Cypriot lease blocks
  • Secure, operational independence between offshore assets
  • Two shore landings in Cyprus and local hosting services, via partnership with Cyta Global
  • Service Level Agreement-backed network availability and reliability, monitored 24x7
  • End-to-end global transit connectivity to headquarters or regional offices

Regional Expansion

Radius can easily extend Poseidon throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, a benefit to operators and carriers who develop in multiple countries and wish to leverage the cost and operational efficiencies of a single network.

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